Memories of President George H.W. Bush

George Bush Library

My husband’s family joins the nation in mourning the death of President George Herbert Walker Bush. We also grieved with the family when Barbara, his wife of 73 years, died in June of this year. York County residents have had a neighborly friendship with the family of deceased President George H.W. Bush and his late […]

Archiving the Franco-American biography of Albert Beliveau

Severin Beliveau and Douglas Rooks

Every biography is interesting. In my opinion, a biography is as unique as fingerprints. Archiving Franco-Americans’ biographies are among the important objectives of the Franco-American Collection, a special archives located at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College, in Lewiston (USM LAC).  Among the biographical data available at the FAC are the papers on […]

Somewhere in France – Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial

Napoleon Morin name in Oise Aisne chapel

At the Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial in France, the first thing my husband and I noticed were the perfectly aligned rose bushes lining the paths to the rose granite colonnade. Our visit was particularly poignant because, among my husband’s family, we were the only relatives of Napoleon Morin to have visited his grave in […]

La grande guerre et la grande grippe: War and Influenza

Armistice Day 1918

The Great War and the great flu of 1918. It was supposed to be the “war to end all wars”. “The Great War, as it was initially known, was indeed global, involving 20 countries on five continents. Yet today, among most Americans, the war is only vaguely recalled…obscured by a war that preceded it and […]

Above the Fold – an essay about Sister Myriam

Bells of Peace

A  startling  World  War  history  lesson  leaped  out  of  a  1940, Lewiston Maine newspaper,  yellowing  with  age,  in  an  above  the  fold headline:  “Une  Jeune  Relig’euse  de  Lewiston  tuée  France”. This essay is my tribute to the life of Sister Myriam*. World nations are recognizing the centennial anniversary commemorating the signing of the Armistice ending […]

Franco-American veteran visits Senator John McCain grave at the Naval Academy

ANNAPOLIS, Md – My husband and I had the honor of visiting the grave of Senator John McCain at the United States Naval Academy Cemetery, located on the campus, along Maryland’s Severn River, in Annapolis. It was 51 years ago when my husband Richard L’Heureux  of Sanford, Maine, was assigned to the Seabee Batallion MCB […]

History of Lewiston’s Bonneau Markets on display

Doris Bonneau

French-Canadian immigrants arrived in Lewiston and Androscoggin County communities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, to provide labor for the growing industrial mills in the area. Along with their excellent work ethic and often tireless mill labor, they also brought entrepreneurs like Victor and Lucien Bonneau.  When the brothers came to Lewiston as […]

Le Grand Derangement described in Madawaska Centennial Journal

Acadian Cross at Grand Pre Nova Scotia

Separation of families was the cruel strategy enforced during “Le Grand Derangement”.  It was the terrible period in 1755, in Nova Scotia, when the cruel British upheaval separated families and dispersed them in ships to many foreign ports. Some refugees were able to reassemble or escape the deportation.  A group of the refugees found their […]