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Goose River Anthology 2017

Goose River Anthology 2017 is Edited by Deborah J. Benner in Waldoboro, Maine

Goose River Anthology 2018, published in Waldorboro Maine, by Deborah J. Benner, is in print and includes excellent articles from Maine authors, including one from “yours truly”.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for writers to find publishers who will put our work into print. Which is why I continue to compliment the commendable support from Deborah Benner at Goose River Press, in Waldoboro ME.  In fact, Benner has inspired many of us by seeking out quality manuscripts for publication in the annual Goose River Anthology. Her publishing support inspires us to continue creating meaningful narratives for future generations to read.  As one of the writers who has been honored to be included in several of the anthologies, I take particular pleasure in submitting articles with a focus on Maine’s Franco-Americans, French history and culture.  In the past, my published articles ahve included essays about baseball, refugees, veterans and literary commentary. This year’s published submission is titled, “Above the Fold“. I wrote about the short life of a Lewiston religious Dominican nun, who was killed at the onset of World War II, in France.

Along with an appreciation for the opportunity to be published in the annual anthology, it’s also a delight to read the excellent poetry, essays and short articles submitted by many other excellent writers, who contribute from all over America.

In the 2016 edition, I particularly appreciated the article “Oh Syria” by Judith Anderson, a writer from Owl’s Head, ME.  In her essay, she united  all of us who grieve about the loss of the Syria we believed to be the root of Western civilization. She writes a travel journal about her experience visiting Syria, just before the nation’s civil war erupted. During her visit, the travel guides tried to paint a nostalgic picture about what the nation was about to endure, but reading “Oh Syria“, was a little like imagining the horror of watching our homes engulfed in volcanic ash. Certainly, Anderson wrote a compelling travel essay.

Sister Myriam of Lewiston

Ida Levesque “Sister Myriam” was killed in France during a Nazi Luftwaffe attack.

Above the Fold” is my article, a short biography of a beautiful young woman who dedicated her short life to the Dominican religious order.  Her name was Ida Levesque, who took the religious name of Sister Myriam. Her life was framed by war.  In fact, she was born in Lewiston on August 3, 1914, on the day when the First World War was declared, in Europe, it was supposed to be “La guerre pour mettre fin à toutes les guerres” (The War to End All Wars). As though she predestined, her life ended just prior to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declaring war on Germany. Undoubtedly, her life was consumed by war and The Great Depression.  In this historic milieu, Sister Myriam made a choice to dedicate her life to teaching and helping others.

Additionally, articles in the 2018 Anthology includes a particularly delightful story about a fund raising program in the Maine Town of Eagle Lake, in Aroostook County, written by Kim Millick titled “”Mud Season Blues”.  And, several more local authors and poets are published, along with writers from outside of Maine.

It goes without saying that Goose River Anthology 2018 and all of the past editions make excellent gifts, at anytime of year, but especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays.  It’s like a “shop local” literary treat, for all who appreciate reading creative writing.

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