Acadie and the St. John Valley – live and on line

A terrific opportunity with texts, in a course perfect for teachers, and students, presented by an expert historian who knows about the rich history of the Acadians who settled in the St. John Valley, in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

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History of Acadie & the St. John Valley March 7-April 4, 2018

On March 7-April 4, 2018, a history class titled, History of Acadie & the St. John Valley will be led live and on-line by Lise Pelletier, the Director of Acdian Archives, at the University of Maine, Fort Kent (Universite du Maine). Students  can participate on line or in the classroom. Moreover, a continuing education unit (CEU) will be awarded for students who choose the option.

Cost for the class is $50 and teachers who are taking the course will receive free texts and supplements that can be used in the classroom.

I was delighted to learn about the resources provided for this program.  A grant from the University of Maine Fort Kent Foundation (UMFK) will include access to two exceptional books.

In fact, I recommend both texts because I happen to own them. Students of French history in North America will appreciate the scholarship in both “A Land of Discord Always“, by Charles D. Mahaffie, Jr., and “The Land In Between: The Upper St. John Valley, Prehistory to World War I“, by Béatrice Craig and Maxime Dagenais, with Lisa Ornstein and Guy Dubay. Mahaffie wrote about “Acadie” (what became Nova Scotia). Craig and colleagues wrote about the Upper St. John Valley in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

A Land of Discord Always is research about Acadia up to the time of the 1755, Le Grand Dérangement. Mahaffie described the development of  the special Acadian society that began in the 17th century, in what is today, Nova Scotia, and how the population prospered, but were ultimately destroyed by the British. In his narrative, Mahaffie described the heroism of the Acadians, in the face of extraordinary circumstances, caused by the wars fought over the control of colonial era Canada.

History of Acadie text book

History of the colonial era up to the tragic Acadian expulsion.

History of Acadie text

Comprehensive and enjoyable reading!

Likewise, in “The Land In Between” the text includes excellent research as well as maps, tables and illustrations, with listings to each in the book’s table of contents. In  my opinion, this is a comprehensive history about the Upper St. John Valley because the authors researched the land and all of the people who participated in the settlement of this under-reported North American region. It’s also an easy to read academic narrative, with chapter titles like “How Part of Madawaska Became American (and the rest remained part of New Brunswick), leading with a sub-title, in bold font, “A Conflict Over Timber”. Indeed, the subject titles are helpful to readers who may not be history majors.

This course is a terrific opportunity for people who can benefit from on line education and the registration cost is reasonable, especially considering the inclusion of course materials.

Presenter and teacher Lise Pelletier is a graduate of Université de Moncton’s Edmundston, with a BA in French and a BA in English. She holds a professional Maine teaching certificate for French K-12. In  2002, she obtained her Master’s in French from the University of Maine. She taught English and French at the Université de Moncton in Edmundston from 1994-2008. Since 1991, she has taught at UMFK as an adjunct. Her area of expertise is Acadian Literature in the context of Acadian history. She has given lectures throughout New England, the Maritime Provinces, and Québec on the subject of the Acadians of Maine. She has been featured in numerous documentaries about the St. John Valley and the greater Madawaska Territory.

To register for this course, for payment and to view the course syllabus, go to this site:

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