World Acadian Congress 2019

Que les célébrations commencent!

Acadian wreath

Symbols of Acadian pride are exhibited throughout the communities where the festivities are scheduled. ~L’Heureux photograph

Thanks to the outreach of social networking, I was able to catch up with what’s happening for the 2019 celebrations.

Congrès mondial acadien 2019 Promotional Tour in Louisiana and New England!

As a matter of fact, I’ve followed the growth of the Acadien Congresses since the late 1990’s, during the beginning years.  As time flies (le temps passe!), in August  2019, the program will mark its 25th Silver Anniversary!

Once every four years, Congrès Mondial Acadien is scheduled in a location where the descendants of the Acadian settlers scattered to and congregated, after 1755, during the horrible Le Grand Dérangement.

Madawaska Acadian Cross

Acadian Cross in Madawaska, during the World Acadian Congress. Juliana and Richard L’Heureux (Savoie is among the names memorialized at this site ~ my husband’s grandmother’s name). ~ L’Heureux photograph

In other words, the quadrennial international Acadian Congresses are coordinated in regions where the descendants of the displaced families can reunite. They bring attention to the areas where the Acadians settled, while they take the time to celebrate, and learn about their special French history, genealogies, and the cultures of their ancestors and relatives. As in the past, I am excited to report about the 2019  Congrès Mondial!  Each program is hosted in a beautiful location where plenty of space is provided for families to meet and celebrate their shared heritage. Moreover, I look forward to speaking with the ambassadors who are busy educating the Acadian and Franco-American groups about the planned schedule of programs.Over the years, I have enjoyed the pleasure of attending many of the events, the parades, the family reunions and the religious celebrations, scheduled during the international programs.

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino posted the announcement on her informative social media page:

“The Chair of the Congrès mondial acadien 2019, Claudette Thériault, will be  traveling in New England to hold public presentations about the CMA 2019, which will be held from August 10-24, 2019, in Prince Edward Island and Southeastern New Brunswick.  The delegation will also travel to Louisiana to promote the events. The first part of the programming (August 10-15, 2019) will mostly be held in Prince Edward Island and the second part (August 15-24, 2017) will be held mostly in Southeast New Brunswick. ”

A basic schedule of locations is at this website.

In 2019, the 6th edition of the Congrès mondial acadien will be held on Prince Edward Island and in Southeastern New Brunswick from August 10–24, 2019. It will mark the 25th anniversary of the event. In order to better publicize the event, a delegation from the host region will travel to the United States at the end of April (and I have been assured, they will eventually be in Maine).

Members of the delegation will be attending the Festival International de Louisiane, which is being held in Lafayette from April 25–29. The following week, they will give a few public presentations in New England, where many Acadians and friends of Acadie reside.

Information-rich cultural programming will be delivered at the 2019 Congress, and the culminating point of the week will be the show put on by the CMA 2019 on the Festival’s biggest stage, right before the closing show. The “Congrès mondial acadien 2019 Kitchen Party” will feature nine artists and groups from the Maritimes, Quebec and Louisiana, who were already taking part in this year’s Festival.

From my point of view, every “Acadian Congress” is a cultural festival where the friendly Acadians decorate their communities to welcome international visitors and host the many family reunions, at the events.

Among the many highlights within the programs are the displays of brilliant Acadian symbols of pride, exhibited throughout the venues and in businesses. Although, I’m not sure if awards are given to the most creative Acadian Pride exhibits and decorations, this consideration would certainly be something to highlight in the programming (just my opinion).

Check this website for updates.

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