Talented Les Troubadours “elles aiment de chanter”

LEWISTON, Me – They spread joi de vivre through their lovely music and voices!

A chorus of beautiful harmony fills the venues with charm whenever Les Troubadours perform. They share their charming voices during ceremonial programs and at special community concerts, at various venues for Lewiston’s Franco-American celebrations. Typically, the choir performs during La Rencontre  at the Franco Gendron Center on Cedar Street in Lewiston and at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn Franco-American Collection (USM LAC FAC), during special monthly programs.

Les Troubadours at USM LAC FAC in March 2018

Les Troubadours performed at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College with the Franco-American Collection (USM LAC FAC), during Franco-American ceremonies to recognize Franco-American week. (L’Heureux photograph)

Les Troubadours were showcased at a concert in March 2018, at USM LAC during Les Semaine de Francophonie (Francophone week),

Their performances are accompanied by Jeannette Gregoire on the piano. Each time the 7-8 member choir members appears, they add pizzazz with costumes appropriate for the performing occasion and even arrive with colorful set decorator accessories, like silk flowers and colorful beads. In short, they have fun performing. “Mais oui”, the happy audiences who follow Les Troubadours are delighted by their uplifting musical repertoire consisting of their jovial popular and patriotic music, performing songs they rehearsed and are well prepared to perform. They sing for Christmas (Noel) community concerts, and for veterans groups and patriotic occasions. Their music is bilingual, they sing in both French and English, with fashionable style and charm.

In the group are Mary Ann LeClerc, Jeannette Gregoire, Gail Lawrence, Aliette Courturier, Rita Gosselin, Doris Bonneau (president of USM LAC USM) and Jacynthe Jacques (she is also a program director at the Franco Gendron Center)..

Les Troubadours

Les Troubadours (left) Mary Ann LeClerc, Jeannette Gregoire, Gail Lawrence, Aliette, Rita Gosselin, Doris Bonneau and not pictured here is Jacynthe Jacques, at the Franco-Gendron Center in Lewiston during the “St. John de Baptiste” program on June 22, 2018 . (L’Heureux photograph)

Although Les Troubadours are popular whenever they perform, they are particularly poignant when they’re requested to sing the patriotic trilogy consisting of the trio of national anthems of the United States of America, “The Star Spangled Banner”, followed by “La Marseillaise” of France and “Oh Canada”, en francais, a tribute to the Franco-Americans’ Canadian and French-Canadian heritages.

Fortunately for the audiences, the choir circulates printed copies of the lyrics to the patriotic trio of anthems, for the purpose of encouraging the community to sing along or to follow the music.

Franco-Gendron Les Troubadours

Piano by Jeannette Gregoire: She is a special accompanist with Les Troubadours Mary Ann LeClerc, Jacynthe Jacques and Gail Lawrence. (L’Heureux photograph)

Musical talents run deep in Franco-American and French-Canadian traditions. Many musicians are self-taught, like accompanist Jeannette Gregoire, who is an expert on the piano, although she did not study music.

Charm accessories add to the venues with Les Troubadours

Les Troubadours add to their performances with fashion and seasonal accessories with Gail Lawrence and Jaycnthe Jacques.

“Les Troubadours”- as defined, they are, “French medieval lyrical poets composing and singing in Provençal in the 11th to 13th centuries, especially on the theme of courtly love”.

Les Troubadours of Lewiston bring beauty into their venues, wherever they perform. Merci!

Juliana L'Heureux

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