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Merci beaucoup encore à Jesse Martineau et Mike Campbell et à l’héritage franco-américain:  “French-Canadian Legacy Podcast“.

Noel ornament

One among many Noel ornaments I’ve collected to demonstrate the beauty described by this four letter French word

A delightful second time around podcast with the interesting duo Jess Martineau and Mike Campbell provided me with the opportunity to speak about “de Noël” traditions and customs practiced during “les fêtes”.

A few months ago, the two gentlemen from New Hampshire kindly interviewed me on a podcast about Franco-American identity.  Although I’ve written about this topic many times, my knowledge about “Franco-American identity” did not resolve the big question about “who is a Franco-American, anyway?” Nevertheless, prompted by their expert questions and the professional podcast production, I was able to relay the information sent to me about this subject, over decades, from readers who continue to share their historic family’s stories.

On the other hand, when the podcast was about Noël and les fêtes traditions, the information I shared was firsthand knowledge. This is because my husband’s family taught me about the meaningfulness of participating in their multi-generations of religious and culinary traditions. I was also pleased to discuss my reverence for the French word, ” Noël”. This lovely four letter word seldom needs translation, because it is the internationally known French word meaning “Christmas”. Although other languages translate the meaning of Christmas into a concept describing the Virgin Birth, in French, the word only means Christmas.

Moreover, I was delighted to read more information about the two entertaining gentlemen who have enthusiastically created the French-Canadian Legacy Podcast.

They were kind enough to post a link to the half hour interview they broadcast on Christmas Eve (Réveillon) on the website and at this link.

Go to the website to view the links to all podcasts including the very first one where they discussed with me, “What to Call Ourselves?”

Lots of links to additional resources are provided in each podcast production on the website

I especially enjoyed hearing Minuit Chrétien performed by Josee Vachon linked to the end of the Noël interview. Indeed, the French lyrics to this beautiful chant de Noël are emotional and inspiring.

About the podcast’s creative interviewers: 

Jesse Martineau

Jesse Martineau from The French-Canadian Legacy podcast

Jesse Martineau: Jesse, grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire. He attended L’École Saint-Georges which was a bilingual school with instruction received in both English and French. Jesse has traced all branches of his family tree back to towns in Québec. He is on the Board of Trustees of the Franco-American Centre of Manchester.

Jesse is a product of Manchester’s Catholic school system, having attended St. Anthony Elementary School, St. Joseph Junior High School and Trinity High School. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the George Washington University in DC and a Juris Doctor Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. At Temple, Jesse was a member of the Temple Law Review.

He currently works as an Academic Adviser at Southern New Hampshire University.

At George Washington University,  he was a member of the Navy ROTC and graduated with a B.A. in History in 2006.

Mike Campbell

Mike Campbell the French Canadian Legacy podcast.

Mike Campbell grew up in Laconia, New Hampshire. His Memere would make Pork Pie for the holidays but that was about all he knew about his French-Canadian heritage. His Mom and Memere spoke in French when they didn’t want him or his dad to know what they were talking about.

Mike went to Lyndon State College and earned a A.S. in Television Production and a B.A. in Literature and Cultural studies.  Mike was honored that Jesse asked him to be a part of The French-Canadian Legacy project. “It’s a great way to learn more about part of my past,” he says.

Certainly, it has been an honor to be included in their informative and professionally produced podcasts.  Merci encore!

Juliana L'Heureux

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