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Juliana L’Heureux is a free lance writer who publishes news, blogs and articles about Franco-Americans and the French culture. She has written about the culture in weekly and bi-weekly articles, for the past 27 years.

Bienvenue a la Blaine House!

International guests at the Blaine House in Augusta host was Governor Janet Mills

Maine’s Franco-Americans are more than 25 percent of the state’s population.  Recognition for the Franco-American contributions to Maine’s history, language and culture were held on March 19, in Augusta, at the Blaine House Governor’s Mansion. Moreover, the ceremonies will re-convene, on May 16th, at the Augusta State House. International Francophonie Day (en francais Journée internationale de la […]

Where is “home”? Two cultures; two Franco presentations

Denis LeDoux and Margaret Craven at USM LAC FAC

LEWISTON- Près de chez nous ou loin? “Everyone of us in Lewiston should be able to say….I am local….I am home,” said Katie Theriault. Katie Theriault spoke about being local and returning to “home” in Lewiston, after she and her family had lived in other places. Zahra Houssain spoke about creating “home”, having been born […]

March is “Celebrate French in Maine” month: Events recognize Franco-Americans

Juliana and Richard L'Heureux at the French Cultural Center in Boston on March 5, 2019

First of all, I want to thank my social media friend Doris Perrault Pelletier for adding this following quote to the message I posted about the Francophonie kick-off celebration, hosted at the French Cultural Center, on March 5, in Boston: Doris Perreault Pelletier  “It’s wonderful that there is a celebration for Franco Americans. Society has […]

International Women’s Day – celebrating Franco-American “Home”

USM LAC FAC program in support of International Women's Day

LEWISTON, Maine – March 8, 2019 is International Women’s Day. A discussion about the important role of Franco-American women in supporting the concept of “Home”,  will be hosted at the Franco-American Collection, on Friday March 8, 2019, beginning at 4 PM, with speakers and an exhibit depicting the biographies of local women. The Franco-American Collection […]

Pate Chinois and the Franco-American cuisine

Pate Chinois in Julie's kitchen

(Accents used in a blog’s title line, like in Pâté Chinois, causes garbled print images, but, I tried to include most of the correct accents in this narrative.) AUGUSTA, Me– Some thoughtful guests who attended the Franco-American forum at the University of Maine Augusta on February 11, were kind enough to bring a dish of […]

Manufacturing in Augusta Maine informational forum at UMA

Professor Chelsea Ray and Executive Director Jan Michaud

An informational forum with lunch to hear about Augusta’s manufacturing history featured oral histories from the workers who were employed in the capital city’s once bustling mills. In fact, the program was a Franco-American learning opportunity, hosted by the French Club, held on February 11, at the University of Maine Augusta (UMA), at the Holocaust […]

Franco-American connection to a historic icon needs restoration

Restoration sought for Lincoln Mill Clock and Tower

BIDDEFORD, Maine – A community effort to save, and preserve the stately Lincoln Mill Clock Tower in Biddeford is under way. This ambitious effort is possible thanks to the leadership of civic groups and Louise Merriman, a local historian who has served on many of the city’s municipal committees. Merriman is a Biddeford resident. She has […]

Diversity is evident in Franco-American ancestry

French Canadian immigrants

In response to the blog “What to call ourselves“, based on an essay by Denise Larson, I received several “shared ethnic heritage” messages, from those who proudly claim Franco-American or French-Canadian ancestry. Readers who responded described, what I’ve always found to be, the diversity among those who are Franco-American and/or French-Canadian. Obviously, French-Canadians have French […]