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Oral history is built around people – Franco-American Collection hosts a January 11 seminar

Oral History and Folklife Research, Inc.

An invitation to the public to learn more: “Family heritage is a gift no one else can give,” Oral History and Folklife Research, Inc. In preparation for the state’s bicentennial Maine Celebration 2020, the Franco-American Collection (FAC) at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College (USM LAC) is in the process of collecting oral […]

Franco-American TED Talk by Susan Poulin

Susan Poulin and Alphonse Poulin

Franco-American culture with humor! “Can You Find Your Identity Through A Heritage-Language?” is an entertaining Ted Talk, by Susan Poulin, now available on-line. Susan Poulin with Alphonse Poulin at the 2017, Franco-American Hall of Fame induction in the Augusta Capitol. Distant cousins!In the presentation, Poulin narrates a joy filled educational lecture about her personal journey […]

History questions about les habitants during the American Revolution


Research by Paul Lessard, in Belgrade, Maine, about one of his colonial Revolutionary War ancestors, raised two history question. Check the video link in this blog. During the Revolution, why did the Continental Army’s attack on Quebec fail when “les habitants”, or the French farmers in Canada (Quebec), could have provided reinforcements to the army […]

Franco-American history about business entrepreneurs

City of Lewiston 1892

LEWISTON, Me – “Celebrate Maine 2020”,  bicentennial will include an exhibit about Franco-Americans who participated in building the state’s economy. In fact, the Board of Directors, with the Franco-American Collection at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College (USM LAC FAC), are preparing to participate in the state’s bicentennial history by organizing an exhibit […]

Franco-American information now on the Salem State University digital commons

L'Histoire Quebec Canada

Thank you (merci!) to Salem State University in Massachusetts and Dr. Elizabeth Blood, for providing free access about French Canada and the history of l’Ile d’Orleans, now available on the digital commons! Readers will enjoy visiting this site. L.P. Turcotte’s Histoire de l’Ile d’Orleans, originally published in French in 1867, has been translated into English, by […]

How the Salem Witch Trials ended – an unlikely French connection

ir William Phips

A Halloween history blog. French colonial history in New England may have played a small part in the decision by Governor Sir William Phips to find himself in a political position whereby he had the authority to end the Salem Witch Trials (1692-1693). Sir William Phips was the Governor of Maine between 1692-1694, when the […]

Franco-Americans in Maine’s political history

Franco-Americans of Maine

Then and Now– A French sub-title for this blog might be, “Plus les choses changent, plus elles restent les mêmes”. (The more things change, the more they stay the same.) Maine’s political analyst and author Professor Christian Potholm, has often recognized the importance of the Franco-Americans voters.  Writing in one of his many books about […]

Franco-American genealogy super ancestors

genealogy marriage certificate

Franco-Americans are generally familiar with their genealogy because family reunions are celebrated during multiple generations, so it’s fairly easy to keep track of the current data.  For example, our L’Heureux family genealogy is well known going back four generations. Moreover, many of the ancestors’ names have been hand written on small pieces of paper or […]

Franco-American Revolutionary War soldier Private Charles Bourget

Franco-American history in Maine

Many thanks to Mr. Paul Lessard for the permission to report about his research. BELGRADE and AUGUSTA, Maine – Franco-Americans can prepare for the Maine Bicentennial celebrations 2020, by creating and planning events to highlight historic, and cultural contributions and to showcase the state’s 400 years of French history. As a matter of fact, a […]