Acadie and the St. John Valley – live and on line

History of Acadie text book

A terrific opportunity with texts, in a course perfect for teachers, and students, presented by an expert historian who knows about the rich history of the Acadians who settled in the St. John Valley, in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. On March 7-April 4, 2018, a history class titled, History of Acadie & the St. John […]

Fait les fèves- chez nous- (When beans were made in a bean pot)

Maine or Boston baked bean pot

Preparing traditional baked beans with some modern changes. Among the first recipes my mother-in-law (belle-mère) and sisters-in-laws (belle souers) taught me to prepare was how to bake Maine baked beans, in an old fashioned bean pot, from scratch. You might ask, “Maine baked beans”? Are they different than Boston Baked Beans?  Well, the truth be […]

French-American immigration – five resource books

C. Steward Doty University of Maine Press

C. Stewart Doty wrote in the introduction of “The First Franco-Americans: New England Life Histories from the Federal Writers’ Project 1930-1939” (published in 1985, by University of Maine at Orono Press):  “French speakers immigrated to New England from Quebec and Acadia (Nova Scotia). Surprisingly, we still know very little about their experiences in the new […]

Why they came: Franco-American immigration

Why they came

A presentation on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at the University of Southern Maine Lewiston Auburn College Franco-American Collection, highlighted important histories about Maine’s immigrants. French-Canadian, Franco-American and recently the French-Africans are now part of the history of French immigration into Maine. Lorraine Masure chronicled her Franco-American family’s immigration in “Growing Up Franco-American With No Patent […]

Les Chanteurs Acadiens – encore!

Les Chanteurs Acadiens

Franco-Americans who grew up, particularly in the 1940s or 1950s, fondly remember the family soirées . Les Chanteurs Acadiens are a trio of performers who are helping to keep this tradition going in the St. John Valley, in Maine and New Brunswick. They just released a new CD, where we can hear them perform their […]

Merci to Marguerite d’Youville and the Grey Nuns

Marguerite d'Youville

Visiting the d’Youville Pavilion located on the St. Mary’s Medical Center campus in Lewiston, Maine, was pleasing opportunity to observe families who were visiting loved ones and friends, being well cared for at this facility, during the frigidly cold New Year’s holiday. A friend was temporarily a patient at the St. Mary’s d’Youville Pavillion, while […]

Franco-Americans recognized at “Keeping the Dream Alive”

Adele Boufford Baker is a Franco-American special guest of the NCDAC program in January 2018

My Franco-American email news alerts this week contained the timely notice about next month’s annual  “Keeping the Dream Alive” celebration, in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr., hosted by the National Cultural Diversity Awareness Council, in Manchester NH.. At the group’s January 15, 2018 program, in recognition of Dr. King, the annual celebration will highlight […]

Noël- Franco-American music and Christmas traditions


This is the season to enjoy Christmas music concerts, when Franco-Americans enjoy singing the Chansons de Noël (Christmas songs) and especially Cantiques de Noël (religious Christmas carols). Christmas is when I enjoy reporting about the memories of binding traditions shared by Franco-Americans during Les Fêtes, including the beautiful custom of singing Cantiques de Noël.  There’s […]

Franco-American stories in anthologies

Goose River Anthology 2017

Goose River Anthology 2018, published in Waldorboro Maine, by Deborah J. Benner, is in print and includes excellent articles from Maine authors, including one from “yours truly”. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for writers to find publishers who will put our work into print. Which is why I continue to compliment the commendable support from Deborah […]