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Father Clement Thibodeau: Remembered for his cultural contributions

Father Clement Thibodeau

A well spoken advocate for Maine’s Franco-American and the Acadian cultures, Father Clement Thibodeau, was 85 at the time of his death. Unfortunately, the circumstances that caused Father Thibodeau’s death remains unknown. His disappearance July 15, 2017, called for Diocesan prayers and formal searches, until the September 30, discovery of his death was reported in […]

Franco-American cookbooks

Marcel Bienvenu

Les livres de cuisine franco-américains Cookbooks contain more than recipes. They often describe a lot about cultures. Over the years, I’ve collected more than a few culinary books especially focused on French and Franco-American cuisines. Therefore, an article shared with me by a writer for a Louisiana newspaper gave me reason to pull out a […]

Franco-American population diversity

book jacket The People of New France

A concluding chapter in a book by Allan Greer titled, “The People of New France“, discussed the diversity of the French-Canadians. I’ve written about this subject in the past. Therefore, I appreciated reading Greer’s point of view. Although French-Canadians, and the Franco-Americans, who descended from this special population of people, may appear to have similar […]