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Samuel de Champlain history in the USM Osher Map Library

Doris Bonneau and Andrea Quaid at USM Osher Map with Les Voyages

PORTLAND- A special tour of the Osher Map Library at the University of Southern Maine gave the Franco-American Collection’s Board, and friends an opportunity to learn about Samuel de Champlain’s artistic cartography and his writings. A value added surprise was when those of us on the tour learned about the Osher’s copy of Les Voyages, […]

Le Grand Dérangement- debate about the great Acadian upheaval

Two Acadian historical references

NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada–  Although historians can disagree about who initiated the original order to deport the Acadians during the 1755, le grand dérangement, the fact is, the French settlements in Nova Scotia had precedence over the English, who forcibly evacuated them. It was a time of terrible turmoil that causes the history of the incident […]

“What to Call Ourselves”: An opinion

Samuel de Champlain

Believe it or not, I’m asked, “Who is a Franco-American?”, more than any other question, when I’m either speaking, writing or discussing with others about the culture. Honestly, there are multiple ways to answer this question. By statistics, based on the 2011 US Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS), the self-identified Franco-Americans make up 23.9 […]