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Franco-American TED Talk by Susan Poulin

Susan Poulin and Alphonse Poulin

Franco-American culture with humor! “Can You Find Your Identity Through A Heritage-Language?” is an entertaining Ted Talk, by Susan Poulin, now available on-line. Susan Poulin with Alphonse Poulin at the 2017, Franco-American Hall of Fame induction in the Augusta Capitol. Distant cousins!In the presentation, Poulin narrates a joy filled educational lecture about her personal journey […]

Pictures of the Franco-American Day in the Maine State Capitol

Le grand derangement plaque and Le Club Calumet

AUGUSTA, ME-  Franco-American Day at the State Capitol was a cultural success. On Thursday, May 16, 2019, the Maine Legislature held a joint session in the House of Representatives to recognize the Franco-American heritage evident throughout the state.  Eleven citizens were inducted into the Franco-American Hall of Fame during formal legislative ceremonies.  This special recognition […]